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McKinney, Texas, is a place of dreams: tree-lined streets, a booming business environment, charming history, and a strong sense of community. Many families move to McKinney to grow and prosper and live out fulfilling and full lives. Of course, having a great life requires a great home, and a great home should have a great interior.

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That’s when you will need great interior designers located in McKinney. Finding the right interior designer in McKinney shouldn’t be difficult — you just need to know what kind of services to look for.

Services Offered by McKinney Interior Designers

Furniture Selection

When it comes to designing homes, choosing furniture is often left till last (unless that’s your intent), and people may neglect to realize just how important it really is. McKinney interior designers will help you choose furniture to compliment every facet of design in your home. By taking in every aspect of the lighting, color, and even the ‘feel’ of your house, selecting the right furniture will help make your house a home.

Color Consulting

When it comes to color, it is often the first thing you notice about a space — whether it is the outside walls of a home or the chosen rugs for a living room. Color is what brings everything together in a uniform and (preferably) elegant manner. The latest trends will also be considered by designers.

Lighting Design

Proper lighting will help create the kind of mood you want in a space. McKinney interior designers will know just what kind of light will suit the rooms in your home and how to adjust them for the best ambiance. Illumination can oftentimes make or break that ‘X’ factor in a space, and not everyone knows this.

Feng Shui Design

Incorporating Feng Shui principles in a space has become very popular and goes beyond just comfort and looks. The principle idea behind this design method is placing different elements with the goal of maximizing energy. It can be a complex idea to grasp, but interior designers will know how to make this happen in your home.

Green Building

With global warming becoming more of a reality, green building has become that much more important. The idea of green building is creating structures that are environment-friendly and responsible. When incorporating green building in interior design, you will be looking at ways to renovate and move towards a better design in your home that is smart, green, and beautiful.


Drafting is important for interior design; this includes elements related to designing beautiful spaces, such as floor plans, detail drawings, and architectural designs. Without drafting, your ideas won’t be put into a ‘language’ that designers can implement successfully.

Areas Served

Areas included in the serviced area are:

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